Extramile's Mission

Finding resources to fund outstanding projects in Vietnam.


What we do

Providing Financial Services

Our international team comprises of experts with professional experience in financial and manufacturing industries. Our offices in 5 different countries enable us to:

  • Find the missing resources for your projects
  • Locate cross-border opportunities that would not exist domestically
  • Help you to navigate foreign markets for your connecting, operating and investing activities

Investment portfolio

With a focus on Vietnam, our investment portfolio represents various outstanding projects ranging from real estate properties to industrial products, online businesses, education and so on.


Our strategic partnership with Vietnamese and international professionals and companies enable economic activities to take place effectively and profitably.



Our team

Hoang Nguyen

Managing Partner

Hoang has over 25 years of extensive experience in investment management in Zurich, New York, Luxembourg, and Ho Chi Minh City. Hoang has managed portfolios valuing 5 billion Swiss francs in Switzerland and US$125 mil in Vietnam. He was a lecturer for the Executive MBA program at the Banking and Finance University in Ho Chi Minh City. He held a Master Degree in Banking and Finance by the University of St. Gall, Switzerland. Hoang is a Swiss citizen and is fluent in Vietnamese, English, and German.

Huong Nguyen

Investment Manager

Huong joined ExtraMile Team as Investment Manager. Prior to ExtraMile, Huong acted as Account Manager at PVI South, Ho Chi Minh City consulting potential customers, overseeing clients’ accounts and advisory. At NCP AG Wealth Management and at Bao Viet Securities, Huong’s main responsibilities were conducting market and industry research, company valuation and investment recommendations using financial models. Huong graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor degree in Commerce.

Ki Bong Lee


Ki Bong is member of the Advisory Board of Bao Thu Industrial Investment and Development JSC (Bidico). Mr. Le has over 30 years experience in technology industry. He was the Regional General Manager of Hewlett Packard in South East Asia. Ki Bong can count on excellent networks in various industries and the investment communities in Korea and Singapore. He is a Korean citizen and fluent in Korean and English.

Richard Kamm


Richard is the owner and CEO of NCP (Nigg, Christinger and Partner) AG, an investment management firm based in Zurich, Switzerland. Richard has over 30 years experience as a stock broker and investment manager on Wall Street and with the major banks in Zurich. Richard can count on excellent networks in the investment communities in Europe and North America. He gained his University Degree in Switzerland. He is a Swiss citizen and fluent in German, Italian, English and French.

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